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It provides a framework for discovering, auditing, and managing the IP address space of the network. It covers the prerequisites and pre-installation considerations. It also explains how to install IPAM via the GUI and via PowerShell. It defines host bits, network bits, subnet masks classes, networking components such as Automatic Private IP Addressing , hop counts and also shows how to configure IPv4 settings via the GUI as well as PowerShell. I have completed the course Analyzing data with Power BI. The instructor Mr. Abhishek Kumar delivered interactive sessions which were impressively informative.

Describe Windows Server 2016 high availability with failover clustering. Describe high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

To learn more about ETI’s tuition and financial aid options, click here. When we were looking at creating our new NIST Cybersecurity Framework Ransomware Risk Management course , we decided to make it Just One Day. CompTIA CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst —Great job providing real world examples. NIST Cyber Security Bootcamp — I’ve gained knowledge on the interconnected-ness of the NIST CSF, the informative references, a reference for a proven assessment process, what a WISP is.

Certification Learning Path

This course explains and demonstrates how to configure each of these roles. This path focuses on the networking features and functionality in Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft Networking with Windows Server 2016 Lessons

Learn the essential skills to create the systems tailored for the organization. If you have a group of employees looking to get certified, call us for a customized quote. We offer great discounts and onsite training for groups of two or more.

Exam Details

Before, during or after working through the lessons, you can answer the multiple-choice questions on the lesson quizzes and chapter tests to make sure you’ve understood what you’ve learned. If any of the topics prove to be challenging, reach out to one of our experts through the dashboard. Create your own customized study resource by working through as few or as many of the lessons as needed to reach your goals. Boot Camp – Boot camp is an accelerated training focused on teaching technology and testing students on the official exams. Most training providers “added” boot camps to the existing standard training classes they offer. These training centers think a boot camp is just a regular class where you send the student home with a voucher on the last day.

Because SpireTec aims for the personal & professional growth of you as individual & corporate as a whole, providing training on the latest and updated versions in the designated domains. MCSA networking with Windows Server 2016 Certification gives you an edge in the recruitment process, helps you negotiate for a higher compensation, and enables you to work efficiently at the workplace. The average annual salary for a network administrator in the US economy is $58,947. Once we have processed your order and payment, we will give you access to your courses. If you still have any questions about our ordering process, please refer to the button below.

Yes we offer the most flexible schedule of all training centers. If you miss one or more of your classes you can attend a weekend, evening, or weekday class to make up your class. Yes, every trainer at Tech-Act is certified backed by years of extensive industry experience. This section covers how security can be enhanced by using DNSSEC. It discusses digital signatures and how they can be used to provide integrity, non-repudiation, and origin verification. The ITU TeamTech training offers companies of any size access to comprehensive and affordable team training.

  • Learn the essential skills to create the systems tailored for the organization.
  • Upon completion of training, the students are fully prepared for these certification exams.
  • This module describes how Hyper-V integrates with failover clustering.

In this resource, we’ve included short lessons and self-assessment quizzes you can access 24 hours a day on any mobile device or computer. Evaluate their organizations requirements for server virtualization. Explain the purpose of deployment images and the tools that you use to deploy and maintain them.

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Face to Face Training -We believe the best way to interact and learn is face to face training. Many of our competitors which offerlocaltraining are simply providing students with headphones/mic to attend class with an instructor at a remote location. We leverage our partnership benefits of courseware customization to build end to end technology training solutions. Students gain practical skills which can be implemented immediately. Describe the backup and recovery options for AD DS and other identity access solutions. This includes deploying, administering, and troubleshooting CAs.

Microsoft Networking with Windows Server 2016 Lessons

Very knowledgeable and had good real life examples to support the material. She was very accommodating to the different skill levels in the classroom and sought out how we would use the training/software for work and personal use. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your IT career. Did you know… We have over 220 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Use this Windows Server Configuration course to refresh your knowledge or learn something new.

Course Modules

It also explains how to create, manage, and troubleshoot a failover cluster. This module provides an overview of containers in Windows Server 2016. Additionally, this module explains how to deploy Windows Server and Hyper-V containers. It also explains how to install, configure, and manage containers by using Docker. Certification exams are administered by third party testing companies. Our courses prepare you for the certification exam, which is an additional fee paid to the testing provider. You must contact the corresponding testing provider to take a certification exam.

IP fundamentals, accessing remote technologies, and advanced content are the areas covered by this course. Provides the fundamental networking skills required to deploy and support Windows Server 2016 in most organizations. This section takes a look at networking solutions for branch offices; specifically implementing Branch Cache and Distributed https://remotemode.net/ File System. It demonstrates installing and configuring Brach Cache and Distributed File System. This module provides an overview of high availability and high availability with failover clustering in Windows Server 2016. It further explains how to plan high availability and disaster recovery solutions with Hyper-V virtual machines.


Candidates have a working knowledge of the various cloud service models and service model architectures, data storage options, and data synchronization techniques. Candidates also have a working knowledge of deployment models, upgrading and migrating databases, and applications and services, in addition to integrating Azure applications with external resources. Certification Camps has developed a comprehensive training / delivery format which focuses on learning beyond the core content accessible to any Microsoft training provider. Our program incorporates interactive demonstrations with explanations which go beyond the content of the book. OurMicrosoft Windows Server 2016online program covers topics such as installation, networking, identity and security in a Windows Server 2016 environment. It also covers Administering a Microsoft SQL 2016 Database Infrastructure.

  • Facilities- Many of our competitors over-crowd classrooms by placing 2 to 3 students per desk and 20+ students per instructor.
  • Describe the high availability and disaster recovery technologies in Windows Server 2016.
  • These training centers think a boot camp is just a regular class where you send the student home with a voucher on the last day.
  • It explores DNS, DHCP, and IPAM implementation in addition to remote access solutions.
  • This module also explains how to use fundamental networking tools and techniques to configure and troubleshoot IPv4-based networks.

This course covers Active Directory Domain services the primary identity management platform for Windows Networks. Learn how to deploy domain controllers, manage various Active Directory objects, secure your network and manage it centrally using Group Policy. You will also learn how to connect your internal Active Directory to cloud based solutions such as Office 365 and Azure AD along with the establishment of complex AD DS internal infrastructures. This course focuses on Windows Server 2016 networking features and functionality.

If you are not satisfied with your learning, or if you decide the program is not a right fit for you, let us know and we will refund your purchase. This course has not yet been approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Please contact us for an update on when the class will be available in New Hampshire. For additional training options, check out our list of Courses and select the one that’s right for you. If you have high-speed internet and a computer you can likely take this class from your home or office.

The module provides an overview of AD RMS, explains how to deploy and manage an AD RMS infrastructure, and explains how to configure AD RMS content protection. This module describes how to deploy and manage certificates in an AD DS environment. This involves deploying and managing certificate templates, managing certificate revocation and recovery, using certificates in a business environment, and implementing smart cards. Lesson 9 discusses branch office solutions, including the Distributed File System and BranchCache. It covers exam objective “Implement DFS and Branch Office solutions.” In this lesson, you learn how to implement DFS, install and configure a DFS namespace, configure DFS replication, optimize DFS, and implement BranchCache. Learn how to install and configure Windows Server and vital services such as virtual storage. It also explains that Windows Server 2016 suppoerts two deployment methods i.e. remote access and site-to-site.

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Introverts get a chance to express themselves, who might otherwise prefer staying out of discussions. Forums work really well to build a community that is essential for understanding others. Microsoft provides reference books that can be helpful while studying for the exam. These books contain various useful resources that can be used while studying. Visit Microsoft Press books, to find relevant books to get a deeper insight into the exam objectives, and hence crack the test, and earn your certification. Microsoft certification is expected to expire when the products are out of mainstream support although the person`s certification will be recognized.

Windows Server 2016: Manage, Monitor, And Maintain Servers

Come into our classroom training or take the course remotely in a live Online class. If after the first class you are not happy with Microsoft Networking with Windows Server 2016 Lessons our instructor or training environment, let us know on the first day and we will issue a full refund of the course tuition.