!AddCommand chat order – Incorporate speak sales out of Twitch chat?

!AddCommand chat order – Incorporate speak sales out of Twitch chat?

The newest «!LastSeen» cam order lets the watchers and Twitch mods research exactly how long ago some one try past present in their chat.

You need the latest talk command within the Twitch cam for example «!LastSeen login name» , in which «username» ‘s the Twitch login name we would like to look up.

!Video game speak demand – Game starred?

You can use the fresh new cam demand just like the stream is online to determine what video game had been simply streamed, otherwise when offline to see which video game had been streamed throughout the last load.

Brand new «Store past broadcasts» choice have to be activated in your Twitch weight options for Moobot to be able to know very well what you’ve been streaming.

You need to use the newest chat order such as for instance «!AddCommand identity Text. » where «name» ‘s the title of your brand new talk demand, and you may «Text message. » is the effect of your demand.

Moobot can establish brand new cam command which have an effective «Text lay away from cam» response mark, along with the «Succeed Twitch cam moderators to update the new cam text message, stop, day etcetera. out of talk» choice triggered.

This permits your Twitch mods so you’re able to change new demand regarding Twitch talk utilizing the speak command including «!Order Text. Read More